Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is quite new to the commercial market and is a process where a computer-controlled process creates three-dimensional objects by depositing materials, usually in layers. The deposit of these materials can include much different material like plastics Metals and resins.

Additive manufacturing also called 3d printing holds a lot of benefits to manufacturing a few benefits of these are the short turnaround time for prototyping and small production run of intricate parts.

Metal parts made by our Additive manufacturing machines can produce parts that are 99.98% dense which equivalent or better than any billet on the market.

Main benefits:

  • Using additive manufacturing we can make parts
    that is not possible to make using any other manufacturing method.
  • Part made using additive manufacturing can be optimized
    by making a one piece hollow structures.
  • Additive manufacturing can be used for quick prototypes
    before a production run is made.
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